In the spirit of the voting season, we held our own election to see which WARSTEINER is America’s favorite between Pilsener or Dunkel.

WARSTEINER fans got the chance to cast their ballet during a Facebook Live that aired the day before the presidential election. During the live broadcast we held a debate between two spokespeople, one for each beer, who debated why their beer was the superior choice. During the debate the spokespeople one-up each other’s points with graphs, maps, poems, and raps.

Nov 1_Cover-Photo-4.jpg


WARSTEINER Prepromotion

Weeks before the live vote, propaganda for the WARSTEINER Election took over the WARSTEINER Facebook page. A canvas ad was created to spread the word, create hype, and give more details about each beer candidate. Hype content was released till the moment we went live. 



"Ladies and Gentleman. A change is coming; it comes every year. Shirts are getting covered by coats. Sandals replaced by boots. It’s getting colder. And nothing goes better with cold weather than dark beer. Dunkel has a smooth texture and malty flavor. So come join the dark side, with a WARSTEINER Dunkel."


"How do you measure a beer? The taste? The color? How about something less tangible. What I hold here is not just a Pilsener, it’s a tradition. In these uncertain times we all need a beer we can count on; a beer that has stood the test of time. WARSTEINER Pilsener has 263 years of experience. Stand with me and see what tradition taste like."


Art Director: Jennie Jarzabek
Designer: Caitlin Smichowski
Copywriter: Tyler Burton